Asociatia Goblenul si Arta Lucrului Manual

se constituie in baza prevederilor Ordonantei 26/2000, ca persoana juridica romana, nonguvernamentala, non-profit si apolitica, scopul ei fiind promovarea goblenurilor si a altor mestesuguri traditionale romanesti (arta tesutului, cusutului, impletitului, crosetatului) pe plan intern si international.


Tapestry is a decorative textures of wool or silk, hand crafted used especially as decoration on house walls or furniture. In other words, tapestry is a textile surface built with a decorative purpose and utilitarian functions. Compared with upholstery, which is a simple textile work, with purpose of covering furniture pieces, tapestry is a work of art. More info

About me

I was initiated in gobelin art 1981 in the autumn. Till now I sewed over 150 gobelins. From 2004 I realize myself, using a computer special soft, patterns for unique gobelins.
My gobelins collection could be admired with the opportunity of many exhibitions. More info

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